Sunday, September 14, 2008

My etsy Purchases (and Trades!)

Lately, I have been in the mood to buy and trade with other sellers on etsy! I haven't made any huge purchases, but I have gotten a few things. I got some awesome Scrabble pendants from ClockStrikes12 (buy two get one free!), and I traded for a totally cute bird necklace from casualsimplicity.

I also ordered a Whiffy Bean Bag from whiffybeanbags . Sandalwood and Vanilla favorites! I am going to put it in my car so it smells good! Can't wait for that to get here. She is even putting some extra stink in it so it really smells up my car. Hehe.

I also got a 5 button suprise pack from Buttonhead ! Love it! I put half of them on my bag for work and the the others on my laptop bag!

And last but not least, I got some super cute Christmas to/from tags and an awesome fall card from DevinPrather .

Wow, I actually shopped/traded more than I thought! Now lets get some sales in MY shop so I can buy some more!!!!!!

Here is me taking a craft break to show off one of my Scrabble pendants from ClockStrikes12 (I made the ribbon cord it's hanging on myself! Buy them at!):

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Expressionsbydevin said...

Thanks Sarah for talking about my shop love the blog.I hope to have one up an running here soon.Love your blog:0)