Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I am so happy people are entering my contest! I would love to have lots of people to choose from on Sunday! If you haven't entered yet, it's pretty easy! Just see the blog below for rules and how to enter!

This weekend I am doing another craft sale. I hope to make a little more money to save up.

I got my business cards from Vista Print! They are awesome. I got the glossy ones; 250 of them! And between the cards and shipping they only cost me around $10. I am very pleased and I will probably order from there again when I use my cards up.

I had a lady convo me today to tell me that she saw my decal on my car and hearted my shop. She wanted to let me know that she saw it, which I thought was very nice.

Hmmm...what else. OH! I sent a package to Italy today! It's my second international order. I was very excited to know that something I made will be going to Italy! I was SO tempted to find a way to pack myself up and send myself along with the order. I would LOVE to go to Italy!

Well, I am going to go check out the chats and forums! Thanks for reading!

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Do you want a chance to win a FREE hand drawn bird pendant from my shop!?! Here's what you have to do!

This is a scavenger hunt! I am hiding some text in several of my listings. The text says:

"Hello, Happy Halloween, BOO!"

You have to find ALL 5 listings with this phrase in the item description section!

Once you have found one of the items, heart it.

By NEXT Sunday, October 5, 2008 I will check Majaba to see all the hearts for these 5 items.

I will randomly pick ONE person who has hearted ALL FIVE ITEMS, and that person will receive a FREE bird pendant necklace! That person will get to choose ANY hand drawn bird pendant necklace in my shop, and I will send it to them, free of charge.

Please see this thread for more details and CLUES!


Esty Featured Seller: ClockStrikes12

I met ClockStrikes12 in the chats! I seem to meet a lot of nice people that way!

ClockStrikes12's shop is FULL of beautiful jewelry and magnets! I particularly love this:

I ordered some of her buy two get one free scrabble tiles pendants and I LOVE them! There is a pic of me several blogs down wearing a bird one I got from her!

They shipped super fast, and she even threw in a super cute extra one! Needless to say, when I get a few more sales, ClockStrikes12's shop will be receiving some more business from me!

This is similar to one I bought...look how cute it is!

Visit ClockStrikes12's shop today and look at all the lovely stuff!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

NEW Halloween Inspired Items!


Today I started making my Halloween/fall items! I love how they are turning out so far!

Here is what I have posted so far (more to come tomorrow!):

Halloween wristlets! Fun! Please check them out on etsy! Thanks!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Slow Motion

Hi everyone!

WOW, it's already almost October! I can't believe it.

I had a BLAST at the artist market on Sunday. I wish I could sell there every day! I will have to wait til next month, though. I sold plenty to make it worth it. I needed it, too, since sales on etsy this month have been SO slow. It's been very disappointing. I do have a couple custom orders I am working on, and this weekend I hope to make some Halloween and fall themed items for my shop.

I hope everyone is having a great week. Only 1 more day til the weekend! Hooray!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Etsy Featured Seller: DevinPrather

I met miss Devin in the chats in an empty chat room I started. She had just started on etsy and already had some super cute cards in her shop! Now, months later, she has a great inventory of cards, gift tags, and note cards in her shop!

I bought a super cute fall card as well as some VERY cute birdy Christmas gift tags from her. I LOVE them! The tags were made to order and she did a great job!

Halloween Cupcake Tags (Set of 10)

Mommy-to-Be Card

Devin's cards are cheaper and MUCH cuter than store-bought cards! They are very well made, and the designs are SUPER cute. She has cards and tags for all occasions! Please check her store out at DevinPrather.etsy.com. Thanks!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Come See Me! And Bring Cash!

Don't forget, tomorrow the 21st I will be at Inside the Bungalow selling my wares from 11A-2P! I would love for you to come out and support local East Valley artists and designers!

Please see the blog below for details if you would like to come!

And don't forget to bring money if you are interested in buying! I will have nearly my full inventory with me, so this is your chance to buy without having to pay shipping!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Inside the Bungalow

Hi guys!

I want to encourage everyone to come to the event I will be at on Sunday, September 21 from 11AM to 2 PM!

I will be at Inside The Bungalow's Local Artist Market. This place is also known as Coffee Talk. It is located in Mesa, AZ, and if you are in the area, I would LOVE for you to come support us!

Here is more information if you are able to make it.

Local Artist Market: Inside the Bungalow

I would love to see you there! And bring some cash along in case you see something you want to buy! :-)

Fun New Place!

I found a fun new store today! Fun and useful! It's called Paper Plus. I didn't get to look around as much as I would like because they were closing, but they have TONS of paper, and all kinds of supplies that I could use for BirdWatching. Packing, marketing, etc.

I am SO excited to go back and get some things. My one tiny purchase was FRAGILE: Handle With Care stickers to put on my orders for when I use the self-checkout type thing at the post office. I have been looking for them for a long time! I want to go back and get some new baggies and boxes for packaging. I know, how sad that that is what excites me?

Here is their website; they have stores in some other states too:

Someone please tell me that this store excites them too so I don't feel lame. Hehe.

Monday, September 15, 2008

*NEW* at Birdwatching.etsy.com!

Hello all! Here are my NEW items, just listed today. Please stop by and give them some love, as the categories were broken when I posted them and they have not gotten as many views as I would like.


Goose on the Water Deluxe Zipper Pouch (Turquoise)

Bird on a Branch Scrabble Tile Pendant

Metamorphosis Scrabble Tile Pendant

Sunday, September 14, 2008

My etsy Purchases (and Trades!)

Lately, I have been in the mood to buy and trade with other sellers on etsy! I haven't made any huge purchases, but I have gotten a few things. I got some awesome Scrabble pendants from ClockStrikes12 (buy two get one free!), and I traded for a totally cute bird necklace from casualsimplicity.

I also ordered a Whiffy Bean Bag from whiffybeanbags . Sandalwood and Vanilla scented...my favorites! I am going to put it in my car so it smells good! Can't wait for that to get here. She is even putting some extra stink in it so it really smells up my car. Hehe.

I also got a 5 button suprise pack from Buttonhead ! Love it! I put half of them on my bag for work and the the others on my laptop bag!

And last but not least, I got some super cute Christmas to/from tags and an awesome fall card from DevinPrather .

Wow, I actually shopped/traded more than I thought! Now lets get some sales in MY shop so I can buy some more!!!!!!

Here is me taking a craft break to show off one of my Scrabble pendants from ClockStrikes12 (I made the ribbon cord it's hanging on myself! Buy them at birdwatching.etsy.com!):

Etsy Featured Seller: PaganCellar

This week's featured seller is PaganCellar! I met PaganCellar in the etsy chat rooms a few months ago. He is an awesome guy, not to mention a great seller on etsy! He has had hundreds of sales (I know...jealous much?) and rightfully so.

PaganCellar makes awesome soaps, jewelry, and more! He even provides tarot readings through etsy! I have heard they are spot on, though I myself have not yet worked up the nerve to get one. Someday, hopefully! His soaps are awesome; my favorite is the strawberry banana. It made my whole bathroom smell sooooooo good!

If you want to see the rest of PaganCellar's awesome items, please visit http://pagancellar.etsy.com today! Thanks!