Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Please help a good cause!

I was on the etsy chats tonight and I heard something that REALLY made me sad. Please read below and help out, if you can. I signed up for Team AWBAR and will be donating items to the shop to help raise funds.

Someone was rude enough to leave antifreeze in water dishes and food bowls at our facility on September 23, 2008. Antifreeze was also placed in our feeding areas located in our forest preserve.

AWBAR- Abandoned Wild Babies Animal Rescue has already lost one raccoon to antifreeze poisoning. Also wild raccoons are coming back dying in our driveway and yard.

So far 2 of them have been poisoned and 4 others are showing signs of poisoning. Every day they receive 1000 cc of lactated ringer solution (LRS bags) which is a Sub Q IV that is placed under the skin to help flush out the poisons. Also they are receiving shots of antibiotics to help fight any illness since they are so weak.

AWBAR needs your help, our vet bill has already reached to almost $500.00. By making a purchase off our etsy shop 100% will go to the vet bills and help the babies get better.

A group of AWBAR volunteers have posted Reward signs in our area leading to the capture and arrest of the individual(s) that have done this to our shelter.

If you click on one of the photos, you will see all of them in a slide show. In the photos, George the raccoon is one of the raccoons that have been poisoned.

Thanks everyone for your continued support through this tough time.

Remember 100% of all sales from our AWBAR shop will help pay for the vet bills, and help us raise and release wildlife!