Saturday, December 6, 2008

Big Week for BirdWatching!

Wow! This week has been kind of big for BirdWatching Designs!

I received a 1 minute radio mention on KEZ 99.9 in Phoenix! Please visit my website to take a listen!

BirdWatching Designs Announcements: Radio Mention

Also, I was invited to sell at a four-day bird-watching festival in April! The lady who runs the festival got my web address from a friend and really wants me to sell at it. I got the official application so I might be doing that!

Not sure if I am going to be able to make it to the Artist Market this weekend. I really want to go because it's supposed to be pretty busy...but it's supposed to rain and be cold, and my back is hurting. They announced I'd be there on the radio so I kinda feel like I should. We'll see how it looks tomorrow.

I have one more custom owl to finish and then I can go back to making new things for my shops. Sales were great the past week or two and have sorta slowed down now. I am hoping some new items might make things pick back up. We shall see!

Well, I am getting tired. I should probably head to bed! Good night!


Anna said...

Congrats! Hope you got lots of rest. :)

BirdWatching said...

:-) I did! Thank you!