Thursday, June 25, 2009

NEW Soap Shop!

Hi everyone! I know I am super horrible at updating this blog. I try to get on whenever I can! I have so many sites to keep up with, and sometimes this one gets left in the dust :-( I will try to be better about it!

Anywho, I had a busy day today! Trying to come up with some new items for both my shops. I am excited about some of the things I have been sketching out, and hope to have some cute new things up soon! Yesterday I listed some new soaps in my NEW soap shop, as well as cute cotton washcloth sets!

I also updated my website this morning. It has a link to my facebook fan page if you aren't already a fan! I only have like, 16....I would love some more!

Speaking of, please visit the site for the info on the new shop, as well as to join the fan club on Facebook! Thanks!

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